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If you are thinking about building or renovating your home, let Kenny be the last one you talk to. Kenny is truly professional. He will return calls on any questions that you have fast. In renovating or building, there are always changes during the process. Kenny patiently accepts your changes and he will redo whatever you ask him. Kenny is a creative thinker and will always have options to solve any issues. The word “no” is not part of Kenny’s vocabulary. He has a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude, which made the total renovation of our home a genuinely pleasant process.
Tam Tran
Kenny built our custom home in Collierville, TN 9 years ago. We could not have been more pleased! Kenny was professional, hands-on, honest, and always available. Our home was completed within budget and estimated time frame. If there was any issue, it was always quickly addressed by Kenny. Being a real estate broker, I have since recommended Kenny to numerous clients for major home renovations. Every single one has been extremely pleased with his work! As a result, I have continued to recommend Kenny. Honest, hard-working, and dependable contractors can be difficult to find these days. It's great having someone that I can so confidently recommend to others!
Lisa Fitzgerald
I built an upscale beautiful home out side Memphis,TN,I contracted Mr. Cook to build it after I interviewed several builders.I was looking for a builder who is knowledgeable experienced ,honest,takes pride of his work and easy to work with,Mr. Cook exceed my expectation in many ways,for starter he never said it can not be done,he always find way to do what i like him to do as long as it is compliant with the codes. Second I changed the plan several times during the course of construction even after completion , he never complained and never charged me extra,he always said that what you want and that what will be done. Finally after completion,there were few issues 'he fixed them all at no charge. He truly made my experience a pleasant one.
Kays Nawaf
Kenny Cook came to my rescue! When I built my home, the neighborhood was a closed environment and you were required to use a single designated builder (not Kenny Cook Custom Homes.) This other builder did lots of things not up to standard and we had a variety of problems, from roof leaks, to crumbling driveways, to poorly installed appliances. The builder kept pushing responsibility off on their subcontractors and wouldn't stand behind things. Through a friend I learned about KCCH, and they have been incredible! They were able to address all my issues in a timely manner, with a very high standard of excellence, and at a fair price. Without question next time I'm looking to build a house, I'll have KCCH do it, that way I know it will be done right the first time by someone who stands behind their work!
Derrick Calcote
I am a big fan of Kenny Cook. Love his heart, his amazing talent, and his service to the community and his church. Kenny sees beyond the project and sees the people and their needs. Cook Construction should be your choice of builder. From renovations to new construction, Cook does it all. They are unquestionably a cut above all of the others.
Phil Newberry
Cook Construction should be your choice of builder. From renovations to new construction, Cook does it all. They are unquestionably a cut above all of the others.

David B.

We just had the most wonderful house contractor experience with Kenny C***. We moved in at Christmas 2018. Kenny was recommended by our real estate agent--one of the busiest agents in the Collierville and Germantown area. We had purchased a beautiful large home...that needed lots of updating. It had been custom built-in 1998 and needed an enormous amount of renovation to be brought up to date. We wanted every detail changed...every doorknob, every electrical fixture, and outlet, all new painting, walls removed, new window installed, etc....basically an ENTIRE new home! This meant we had to get rid of the dated wood look and make the beautiful home bright, airy, and stylish for today. We decided to remove most of the flooring and have a stone placed. Also, change the red oak flooring to an amazing whitewash look. Mr. C*** was able to secure the correct experts to do all...and that was 4000 square feet of floors. Next, our kitchen looked old with dark wood cabinets, old countertops, and a dated sink. Mr. C*** came up with his own solutions and the kitchen now looks like it was photographed for a home magazine. Our bathrooms needed new fixtures, a new bath, and more new flooring. Mr. C*** solved everything and hired the right experts to make certain every detail was looked after. Of course, the light fixtures were from the 1990s and Mr. C*** went with us to a remarkable supplier and we chose perfect lighting fixtures of many different styles to fill our home with distinct lighting for every bathroom, bedroom, and even outside.
Walls removed. walls were "bricked" with façade. A white color was chosen and entire house painted to perfection...everything...nothing was missed. Mr. C*** is HANDS ON. He just does not hire a sub-contractor. He is available on site, available to talk and available to deal with every tiny detail---whether small or large. Mr. C*** actually helped us with our outside landscaping and recommended people to help us with sprinkler systems. AND---when he recommends a third party to help...he does so without any payment...just to make certain that you are happy and pleased. I am not just another pleased client of Mr. C***. In a gathering over the holidays, we met two other couples who had the exact same experience with Kenny C***. In fact, we learned Mr. C*** is working with one of them on a second new home that is being built in the beautiful downtown development in Historic Collierville. A development that is VERY strict and has enormous design and build regulations from the City and pursuant to rules from the developer. The couple told us that Mr. C*** has been amazing in meeting all building regulations, which most other builders could never do. I cannot praise Mr. C*** with sufficient THANKS for making our building and renovating project a painless one. he is an expert and he CARES! His contractors are professionals and Kenny C*** makes certain all is 100%. Trust us and I would be delighted to recommended with our whole heart.

Neal W

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